OU ROTC cadet selected for prestigious pilot training

By Katherine Parker, The Norman Transcript Staff Writer

Joshua PageJoshua Page appeared to be just another college student cruising through his senior year as he walked through the student union. But beyond the backpack and books, Page is a calm, cool and collected Air Force ROTC cadet.

Daily student life doesn’t ruffle his feathers. Major Brendan Devine described Page as always on point and ready to act under pressure. These characteristics — along with his personal drive, moral character and success with the University of Oklahoma’s Air Force ROTC — have led him to be part of an elite group of cadets.

Page was recently selected as one of 52 cadets across the nation to attend Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training upon graduation.

After an application process, he was chosen with 460 other ROTC cadets based on ranking, physical ability and aptitude scores. Later the board for Euro-Nato narrowed those cadets down to 52.

The program is located at Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, Texas, and trains cadets from NATO countries all over the world. Page said at the end of the 55-week training, he hopes to fly a fighter jet.

“Hopefully my cubicle gets to be in the sky,” Page said.

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