AME Capstone Team Wins Grand Prize at International Competition

Congratulations to the mechanical engineering capstone team Pedal Centered Sealed Gearbox System. The student team members were the Grand Prize winner of the Designing for the Future Student Competition sponsored by Design Engineering Division of American Society of Mechanical Engineers. The team was selected as one of the four finalists to attend and present their project at the 2015 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences (IDETC 2015) and shared the Grand Prize jointly with a capstone team from Yale University.

Trek Team Blog Photo

The members of the capstone team from OU AME are Morgan Andersen, Allicyn Berka, William Cook, Clayton Stich and faculty advisor Dr. Harold Stalford. The project was sponsored by Trek Bicycle.

Trek Group 14 Poster Final Draft

Designing for the Future is an ASME undergraduate competition that allows students to utilize their capstone design experience. This competition is an undergraduate design competition funded by Design Engineering Division. The purpose of this competition is to recognize that our undergraduate students are the future of the engineering profession while highlighting the importance of working together in our diverse world community and the appropriate stewardship of our resources as technology continues to move forward. The competition encourages undergraduates in design activities to improve education in the art and the science of mechanical engineering design for students. While also providing an incentive to continue in design and become the researchers, educators and professional design practitioners of the future.

Congratulations again to the AME capstone team for their great success! It is such an honor to be named Grand Prize winners of the competition, and we are all very proud of you!

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