On October 25, 2014 students of OU’s American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) attended the Society of Flight Test Engineer’s Symposium at the Worthington Hotel in Fort Worth, Dallas. The symposium was attended by companies like Bell Helicopter, Lockheed Martin, Bombardier and Scaled Composites. The event was directed by the high level test engineering field engineers and was an eye-opening experience for the students.









“This was the greatest opportunity of my college career to meet and socialize with industry professionals.”- Josiah Lund, President AIAA

In addition to the symposium, the students also had the opportunity to visit the Lockheed Martin to see the F35 Assembly Line and Simulators. Several students also went to Love Field to visit the Maintenance and Engineering Department of Southwest Airlines. These events are very important to both inspire the students and also create valuable relationships with potential mentors in the industry.

“I really like that our sophomores were able to visit a company. The F35 line was exhilarating!” – Bipin Varghese, PR AIAA


AbotOn Wednesday, November 12, 2014, Dr. Jandro Abot visited AME for a seminar presentation. His seminar presentation was titled, “Self-Sensing Composite Materials Using Carbon Nanotube Yarns: A New Paradigm in Structural Health Monitoring.”

Abstract: Composite materials are widely used in aerospace structures and many applications because of their superior specific stiffness and strength respect to weight. However, monitoring their structural health still remains too complex and difficult to implement in an integrated and distributed manner. This presentation is about integrated structural health monitoring in polymeric and composite materials using carbon nanotube yarns. Carbon nanotubes are grown into arrays that can be drawn into webs and further twisted into yarns that contain thousands of carbon nanotubes in their cross-sections. These carbon nanotube yarns are lightweight, stiff, strong, ductile and electrically conductive fiber-like materials that we are studying as piezoimpedance-based sensors. The proven concept of real-time, integrated, and widely distributed damage detection and strain measurement using carbon nanotube yarn sensors is presented including the latest experimental results. The coupled mechanical, electrical and thermal response of the carbon nanotube yarns is of significant importance for their use as sensors and recently obtained results are presented including a not-before observed negative piezoresistance response. The effect of composition and structure of the carbon nanotube yarns on that coupled response is also discussed. The present challenges and proposed approaches for robust real-time structural health monitoring that eventually leads to condition-based maintenance are outlined for aerospace structures and other components, devices, and structures.

Dr. Jandro Abot is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Director of the Intelligent Materials Laboratory, and Director of International Engineering Program Development of the School of Engineering at The Catholic University of America. He was previously an Assistant Professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics at the University of Cincinnati. Prior to that, he was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Northwestern University where he had received his Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics. Dr. Abot also holds a 6-year degree in Structural Engineering from the Universidad de la República in Montevideo, Uruguay. Dr. Abot’s expertise is on the science and technology of composite materials and structural health monitoring of structures using carbon nanotube-based sensors. Dr. Abot authored or co-authored one hundred journal and proceeding papers and led research projects sponsored by AFOSR, NASA, and Fulbright and collaborated on projects sponsored by NSF, ONR, and industrial consortiums. Dr. Abot taught nineteen different engineering courses in Solid Mechanics, Materials Engineering, Experimental Mechanics and Introduction to Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, always receiving very good students’ evaluations. Dr. Abot is always committed to advising many graduate students and mentoring undergraduate students in the framework of research projects, and actively engaged in many departmental and school service activities such as recruitment, accreditation and international programs.

BOA Fall 2014The School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Board of Advisors attended their annual fall meeting on Friday, November 7, 2014. The BOA had a busy day with a full agenda. They held their meeting in the Hitachi Conference Room in Felgar Hall. In addition, the Chesapeake Scholars were invited to the luncheon with the BOA and received their Chesapeake Scholars certificate from BOA Chair and Chesapeake Vice-President, Dave Bert. The Chesapeake Scholars are Morgan Andersen, David Doshier, Cameron Riney and Timothy Willis.

David Doshier & Dave Bert

David Doshier & Dave Bert

Timothy Willis & Dave Bert

Timothy Willis & Dave Bert

DSC_0905The School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student Community (GSC) hosted their first research poster fair on Tuesday, November 4, 2014 at Devon Energy Hall. The student participants were all AME graduate students ranging from first-year graduate students to those nearing Ph.D. completion. The fair hosted over 15 participants who presented their research ranging from theoretical modeling research to experiment-based research. Three judges evaluated each participant’s poster and information along with a five minute explanation of the research from the participant. The judges were Dr. Yingtao Liu, AME Assistant Professor; David Campbell, Engineer at Tinker Air Force Base; and Beth Murray, Career Manager of Engineering Workforce Development at Tinker Air Force Base.

The hope of the poster fair was to provide students with presentation experience as well as respond to the judges challenging questions and critiques.

“Anybody can get up and do a slide show presentation, but when you have someone who actually knows [what] you’re talking about, they’re going to ask you critical questions,” Stewart Ohler, Ph.D. candidate, said.

The GSC awarded the top four winners with a cash prize and a certificate. The winners were as follows:

1st Place: Arun Balakrishnan (Ph.D. Candidate, Aerospace Engineering)

2nd Place: Lucas Balmer (Master’s Degree Student, Mechanical Engineering)

2nd Place: N. Anand Balu (Master’s Student, Mechanical Engineering)

2nd Place: Maryam Sabeghi and Jelena Milisavljevic (Master’s Students, Mechanical Engineering).

Congratulations to the winners and congratulations to the GSC for a successful event!

GSC Poster Fair

 To view more photos of the event, please visit our Facebook Page.

Tulsa Flight Night LogoIn September 2014, Jonathan Meyer, David Miller, Robert Huck and Austin Lee participated in Tulsa Flight Night. Tulsa Flight Night is a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fundraiser for the Tulsa Area. For the event, the OU team created an autonomous quad-copter dance act. This involved two quad copters flying in a 20×20 foot area, moving and adjusting lighting in coordination with a musical piece selected by the event. The system utilized a downward looking camera from each copter that tracked a lighted target on the floor. Size, frame position and frame orientation of the target image, when combined with information from the copters inertial system (gyros and accelerometers) allowed the autonomous system to calculate the copters position, orientation, pose and make the proper adjustments to carry out a pre-choreographed dance. This was new work done over the summer for a complete budget of under $25,000. The work was done by recent AME M.S. graduate, Jonathan Meyer.

David Miller is an AME Professor, Robert Huck is the Director of Applied Research and Unmanned Systems and Austin Lee is an Electrical and Computer Engineering M.S. student.

To view the encore of the even held in Felgar Hall 300, please click here.

GSC International Food FestivalThe School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student Community (GSC) hosted an International Food Festival on Friday, October 3, 2014. The event was open to AME graduate students, AME faculty, other graduate students and families. Attendees were encouraged to prepare an ethnic dish from their country to share. It was also requested that they record the name of the dish, the country it originated from and the main ingredients for all to see.

Over 40 people attended the International Food Festival from 10 different schools from OU. Eight of those 40 attendees were professors. There was over 20 different ethnic dishes from 10 different countries including Iran, India, Nigeria, Turkey, Hungary, Serbia, China, Lebanon, Thailand and the United States.

Overall, the event was a success and the GSC continues to grow in size and expand their list of activities. For more information regarding AME GSC, please contact Oluwaseyi “Seyi” Ogunsola at oogunsola@ou.edu.

GSC International Food Festival GSC International Food Festival GSC International Food Festival GSC International Food Festival

By Andy Rieger, The Norman Transcript

Ashley Carpenter, Aerospace Engineering Senior and ROTC Naval student, accepts the Cotton Bowl football from OU Football Coach Bob Stoops to begin the trek to Dallas.

Ashley Carpenter, Aerospace Engineering Senior and ROTC Naval student, accepts the Cotton Bowl football from OU Football Coach Bob Stoops to begin the trek to Dallas.

A battalion of OU Naval ROTC students started their trek to the Cotton Bowl in Dallas early Wednesday and expected to reach Ardmore by nightfall.

OU Football Coach Bob Stoops handed a football to Battalion Commander Ashley Carpenter as she began the run down U.S. 77 toward Dallas. They expect to meet up with counterparts from the University of Texas on Friday morning and then play a game of flag football.

Midshipman Michael Allen, a Flower Mound, Texas, junior and the battalion’s student public affairs officer, said teams will run in shifts during the daylight hours. Approximately 80 students will take part in the annual run.

Click here to view the complete article.

Lean Cell Flier WF14 GreenLean Cell Advising at AME begins today! Lean Cell Advising is what we like to call students’ one-stop-shop for efficient advising.

Students will meet with a Mechanical Engineering or Aerospace Engineering advisor during their scheduled day. There is no need to sign up as students will be advised on a first come, first served basis. All AME students must be advised through Lean Cell Advising October 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 8th. Students not advised through Lean Cell Advising may not be able to enroll in courses until Spring 2015. 

Schedule is as follows:

Seniors: Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sophomores & Pre-Med: Thursday, October 2, 2014

Juniors: Friday, October 3, 2014

Freshmen & All National Merit Scholars: Wednesday, October 8, 2014

All advisement sessions will be held in REPF 200 from 12:30-4:30pm each day. Pizza and drinks provided.

Before You Come:
-Prepare a course plan in Degree Navigator
-Bring prepared course plan, degree check
sheet, and degree flowchart with the classes
you have taken marked out

Before You Leave:
-Meet with a WSSC Staff member to remove holds
-Pre-Med Students, a representative will be in
attendance on October 2nd

For questions or more information, please contact Kate O’Brien at kobrien@ou.edu.

Lean Cell Advising at AME is sponsored by Shell.


Career Fair14OU Engineering Career Fair 2014

Thursday, September 11, 2014 12:30pm-4:30pm

Lloyd Noble Center

Whether you are looking for a full-time job or an internship, you will find the OU Engineering Career Fair a great place to start your search!  Sponsored by the College of Engineering and Engineers’ Club, the event connects some of the nation’s brightest engineering and technical students with innovative companies and government organizations. The Engineering Career Fair provides a great opportunity for you to network with employers from a wide range of industries and to develop contacts for future employment opportunities.

There are 161 companies coming to the Engineering Career Fair this year. The visiting companies can be viewed here or in the Engineering Career Fair Guidebook.

Activate and update your HIREsooner Page for 2014 – 2015 - When you check in at the career fair, a name tag will be printed with the name, major and graduation date on your HIREsooner page; therefore, make sure your HIREsooner page has your correct major and graduation date listed. If you have questions, please call Career Services at 325-1974.

Get your resume critiqued at Career Services and uploaded to HIREsooner - Upload a resume to be included in the OU Online Resume Books for employers to view prior to the career fair.

Research the attending organizations.
Take a close look at the organizations attending that have indicated that they are looking for your major.

Pre-register in Career Services.
Come by our office to make your nametag ahead of time in order to avoid lines at the career fair. You’ll receive an OU embossed portfolio and t-shirt!

Helpful Resources

Career Fair Prep
Career Fair Tips
Professional Dress
Create a Winning Resume
Practice Your “Elevator Speech” with InterviewStream
2014-2015 Job Search Guide

·         Dress professionally
·         Bring copies of your resume to distribute
·         Bring your student ID to check-in
·         Park on the south or east side of Lloyd Noble and enter in south tunnel
·         Parking is free!
·         Career Fair is free and open to all OU Students and Alumni
·         Freshmen and Sophomores encouraged to attend!

For the map of the Career Fair booth set up please Click HERE.

INTERVIEWS THE DAY AFTER THE CAREER FAIR – On the day following the Engineering Career Fair, employers may choose to interview candidates they meet at the career fair.  You will be notified by the company if you are chosen to interview.  Interviews will be held at Lloyd Noble.

Many of the employers will return to campus later in the semester to interview for full-time and internship positions in the Career Services office. They will let you know when they will be back to interview and will let you know the last day you can apply. These on-campus interviews will be listed in your HIREsooner account. To apply, activate your HIREsooner page with Career Services, upload a resume, and apply for the interviews you want. HIREsooner will notify you by email if you are selected for an interview. Once you know you have been selected, you will be prompted to go back into your HIREsooner account and sign up for an interview time. You may begin applying for on-campus interviews at the beginning of the Fall semester.


(Blog post content compliments of The University of Oklahoma Career Services https://www.ou.edu/career/students/find-a-job/career-fairs/engineering-cf.html)

Graduate Student Orientation

Graduate Student Orientation

On Tuesday, August 19, 2014 the AME Graduate Student Community (GSC) held a graduate student orientation for the new graduate students as well as a refresher to the current graduate students. The orientation included guests of faculty, staff, the GSC Leadership Team, and the current graduate liaison, Dr. Kuang-Hua Chang. During the orientation, information was provided to the new graduate students about resources, research, GSC involvement, and the opportunities awaiting each of them at AME.
AME would like to welcome the new graduate students and wish them good luck on their academic and research endeavors! We are glad to have you!

GSC Leadership Team

GSC Leadership Team


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