John Zink Company Scholars at AME

One of the remarkable legacies and contributions of AME is its significant interaction with industry. For over 100 years, our graduates have been a part of many well-respected companies. Our curricula and research activities have been helpful in building partnerships with industry. The collaboration of the internationally reputable Combustion and Flame Dynamics Lab at AME and John Zink Company is an example. The John Zink Company is an Oklahoma based a worldwide leader in burner manufacturing. In an effort to ensure that the next generation of energy and technology leaders will come from our graduates at the University of Oklahoma, a memorandum of understanding between the OU College of Engineering and John Zink Company was signed in 2007 through which funds are made available to support graduate students in the field of combustion. The memorandum was signed by Dr. S. R. Gollahalli, then Director of AME and head of the Combustion and Flame Dynamics Lab and Dr. Joseph Colannino, then Director of Research and Development of John Zink Company. The company founded in 1929 by John Steele Zink (an OU graduate), currently a division of the Koch group of companies, is a leader in the design and development of flares, process burners and boiler burners.

Since 2008, sixteen graduate students have been supported with the annual funding provided by John Zink Company. These students, designated as “John Zink Company Scholars,” are honored with individual awards from John Zink Company and certificates from AME. The students also take one of the several short courses on combustion that are offered at John Zink Company in Tulsa. In addition, their names are engraved in a plaque in Felgar Hall. John Zink Company is notified when the students are ready to graduate to provide the company with an opportunity to recruit them. The generous gift from John Zink Company has been helpful to the success of our AME graduate students in the field of combustion. Past John Zink Scholars are enjoying successful careers in industry (John Zink Company, Boeing, Schlumberger,) and academia (University of Texas-El Paso).

For the past several years, Dr. Charles E. Baukal Jr. has visited AME with some of his colleagues to present awards to the John Zink Scholars. Dr. Baukal is the director of the John Zink Institute and has been with John Zink Company since 1998. On March 27, 2015, Dr. Baukal presented awards to the John Zink Scholars for 2014-2015, Arun Balakrishnan, Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering, and Mohammad Imran, M.S. in Mechanical Engineering.

Zink Scholars

Funding Opportunities for Graduate Students

AME Graduate Students –

The School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering graduate committee is currently soliciting applicants for three fellowships to be awarded in the coming weeks. The fellowship names, award requirements and award amounts are as follows:

  • BP Fellowship (ME Graduate Student), $7500.00
  • Frank Chuck Mechanical Engineering Fellowship (ME Graduate Student with at least 3.0 GPA), $5000.00
  • Thomas Millam Sr. (AE Graduate Student, Oklahoma Resident, 3.0 GPA), $7500

These awards will be given out on a competitive basis following a review of the application material by the Graduate Committee.  Application material provided by the applicants shall include a cover letter and a CV. Selection of awards will be based on evidence of scholarship, accomplishment and potential, judged from the applicant’s CV. Some categories of evidence which will be actively considered by the Graduate Committee include (but are not limited to):

  • Journal publications
  • Patent Awards
  • Research Awards (e.g. best paper in international journal, best paper in national/international conference, etc.)
  • Reviewed Book Chapters
  • Full Peer Reviewed Conference Articles
  • Abstract Reviewed Conference Articles
  • Extended Abstracts
  • Published Abstracts
  • Invited Talks
  • Seminars

If you are interested in applying for these scholarships, and you will be enrolled as a full-time graduate student in Spring 2013, please send Dr. Peter Attar a cover letter and CV by 5 pm on Nov. 26, 2012.

It is anticipated that these awards will be given out once per academic year. Thank you.

New Scholarship Funds Graduate Student Travel

Dr. ReddyFormer AME faculty member J.N. Reddy and his wife, Aruna, recently presented AME with a $15,000 gift to establish the Aruna and J.N. Reddy Graduate Student Travel Fellowship. The scholarship will provide the needed funding for AME graduate students traveling to academic conferences, where they can present research findings, learn from their peers and meet fellow researchers.

Reddy, currently a professor at Texas A&M University, came to the University of Oklahoma in 1975. During his five-year tenure at OU, Reddy not only was promoted to associate professor, but also built the foundation of a lifelong friendship with his colleague, S.R. Gollahalli. It was through this friendship that Reddy learned of AME’s need to fund graduate student travel.

“The scholarship just made sense,” said Reddy. “After all, it’s really about giving graduate students every opportunity to succeed, We all reap the rewards of engineers serving in areas such as petrochemical, energy, transportation, communication and aerospace.”

Although it’s been years since Reddy was part of the AME faculty, he still has a special connection with AME.

“This was my first academic position. The faculty colleagues were so friendly and the atmosphere was very conducive to good teaching and research. These initial conditions made a big impact on my career,” said Reddy.

To learn how you can create or contribute to scholarships, contact Jill Hughes, executive director of Development for the OU College of Engineering, at (405) 325-5217.