So just a few things I have discovered since I arrived in England:

* Credit Cards and bank cards only work some places. They use cards with chips in them here instead of “swipe” cards, so there are some places that can’t take our type of cards. I always carry cash on me now.

* They use “cheers” for many things. It can mean ‘Thank You’, ‘Bye’, ‘Good Job’, or, of course, what someone says when clinking a glass together at the pub.

* Oklahoma is known as Cowboys and Wild West. When I tell someone I am from Oklahoma, they always ask me if I can ride a horse, and if I have any cowboy boots. It is so funny!

* Classes here have much less homework. For all four of my classes, I only have a paper and a final exam. They also have final exams for 4 weeks. It is a very long exam period.

* The fashion here is very different. The girls mostly wear leggings and boots all the time. It is much colder here in England than it is in Oklahoma, so I can only imagine that those girls are cold!

* Culture shock DOES happen in England. I assumed coming to England that I wouldn’t get much of a shock. I was wrong. The first few days were hard with everything being done differently and the organization is very different here, but I just rolled with the challenges as they came and things are looking up. It helped to talk to friends who had been through it before who could let me know I wasn’t alone in the process.

* They have a lot of the same brands here, but with different names. ASDA is WalMart, LYNX is AXE, etc. And the things you would expect to be the same (such as Coke or Pepsi) tastes different here. Not a huge difference, but a slight one. It took some getting used to.

Just a few little things I have learned in my first two weeks here!


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  1. Grandma on February 8th, 2010 7:23 pm

    This a very nice piece of writing. We have tasted different countries’ flavors in Atlanta at the Coke Museum and they definitely taste different.

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