Windsor Castle

Well I’ve been here three and a half weeks now and I always seem to be busy! If I’m not in class or hanging out with new friends, we are traveling. First, let me strongly suggest taking any school sponsored trip. They are a great way to see the country and it is usually at a discounted price. So far we have been to Cambridge, London, and Windsor Castle.

Windsor Castle was amazing. The amount of history there was shocking. It felt so surreal to be standing in the same place that so many heads of state and Kings and Queens had stood before me. I saw paintings that I had just been learning about in class the last week and saw where King Henry VIII and Charles I were buried. I could have spent all day soaking up the history that was there. You aren’t allowed to take pictures inside the castle, but the outside was beautiful. And the Queen was taking residence there while we were visiting, so we were hoping to spot her all day with no luck. I think that the amount of history that can be experienced here is what I am most excited about continuing to visit.


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