It seems impossible that the time is already almost here for me to depart to Germany. It seems like only last week that I was stressing over where to go and all of the paperwork that needed to be done. Well with the choice made and the paperwork not nearly as difficult as expected, I cannot wait to finally arrive in Heidelberg, Germany. Luckily I have almost everything on my list completed!! The only thing that remains is to pack and leave :). The 6 days that remain are going to kill me possibly. The classes I will take once there do not really worry me……yet. Strangely, the only thing on my mind is where my dorm will be and how it will look. Heidelberg Universitaet was originally founded in 1386 and is the oldest university in Germany, so like many other universities in Europe that are old, there is not one central campus location. So my dorm could be multiple miles away from my classroom, but I am looking forward to the walking and sightseeing along the way!

Well I think this is a good start to my first blog on OU BlogAbroad!! I leave this Sunday (the 28th) and will be updating you all on life in Germany very soon (as soon as I wake up from jet lag haha)!!


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  1. Lindsey on February 23rd, 2010 1:04 pm

    Hey Bobby,

    This is Lindsey from the Netherlands part of the blog. I am actually in Germany now and will be travel to and fro NL and Germany quite often. We should have a little OU reunion and take some train somewhere! Hope your arrival goes well!

  2. Bobby on February 23rd, 2010 6:22 pm

    Hey Lindsey!

    That would be really fun! Can we add each other on facebook to discuss the details? I really want to come to NL also, so we can switch back and forth :). If you will, look up Bobby Smock on facebook and look for the one that says Oklahoma. Talk to you soon!

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