First Day in Lima!

March 9

Yesterday we left Oklahoma City at 7:10 am, flew to New Jersey, had a 3 hour layover, then arrived in Lima at 10:30 pm their time.

On the plane I met the nicest girl named Cynthia.  Cynthia lives in Lima and goes to San Martín, a different university than the one I will attend (PUCP).  We talked in Spanish and she gave me her bracelet (see pictures).  The bracelet shows Christ hanging on the cross with purple and glitter accents! It’s very similar to a bracelet I purchased in Guadalajara, Mexico, that had the Virgen Guadalupe on it instead. Cynthia and I exchanged emails, and she might travel with us!

Our host family : Soooooo nice, especially the father who is very jolly.  We live with a man (Enrique) and a woman(Ingrid) and their 28 yr old son (Willy). There is also a daughter, 26 yrs, who is visiting her fiance in Holland! I don’t think we’ll get to meet her 🙁  The family has been very accomodating.  Our rent includes breakfast and one other meal, and they said we could choose if we wanted lunch or dinner and that it doesn’t have to be the same one each day.  The house is awesome–I love their decorating style: knick knacky, eclectic, antique,…..

For breakfast this morning Ingrid left us each a little note card that said there was juice and butter and milk in the fridge.  I ate bread with marmalade and drank tea ( blueberry tea that I packed).

Today we’re going to go out into the city and purchase shampoo, soap, a fan, etc.  Tomorrow we have orientation at the University and the next day we enroll for classes.  Monday is our first day of school!

I think I’m going to stop typing now because I’m having difficulty since I have been speaking Spanish frequently now. Will update soon 🙂


-picture link, but only if you have facebook :/
–tried to post pictures on the blog, but am having difficulties. I will try again later 🙂


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  1. Wes & Suzi Lakin on March 10th, 2010 7:34 pm

    Love being able to keep up with your trip this way! Post often! We will be checking! Love and miss you!

    Uncle Wes & Aunt Suzi

    (may have posted this twice, if so…sorry)

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