A review of Friday, June 25, 2010

Our flight from Lima to Houston, about 6 hours long, seemed fast to me. I sat next to an older woman and 18-year-old Peruvian man. I practiced Spanish with Peruvian native for the last time.

We had chicken ravioli for our meal and a muffin for our snack.

One hike, one boat ride, two bus rides, four flights, one car ride and 28 hours later…I am back home to THE OKC! Hello southern-fried food, washer and dryer, toilet paper, air conditioning, laws and ORGANIZATION! Thank you, Lord, for keeping us all safe!

I can’t believe I am back to the United States! I was so happy and proud when I saw the sign “Welcome to the United States of America” and when I heard “Welcome home.” The customs officer checked my passport picture several times and asked for another form of ID, which he continued to look over several times…sorry I look really good right now after traveling over 24 hours.

Our flight from Houston to THE OKC was at 7:35 a.m.; we got our luggage to take to customs at 7:35. So we missed our flight, but Continental took responsibility, waited for us by the luggage claim and booked us for the next flight! We had more time to bond and stay together before we all separated, but we will have our Perunion soon!

I took the longest, warmest and cleanest shower I have taken in 25 days when I got home! It was nice to wear my OU t-shirt, jean shorts and flip-flops and walk around in washed, wet hair instead of wearing long pants, long-sleeved shirts, 100 SPF sunscreen, bug spray and hiking boots and walking around with sweaty, wet hair.

I had my first meal in the United States with my mother and grandmother at Ann’s Chicken Fry House–fried green tomatoes, chicken fried steak, fries and cherry limeade!

I’ve slept 2 hours in the past 32 hours. I’ve been home for 5 hours and already have a to-do list. I decided to take it easy and spent the afternoon unpacking and doing laundry.

I somehow have over 30 bug bites/bruises/cuts/blisters from Peru…what have I been doing the past 25 days?


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