The time has come! After much trouble and 16 tickets later, I am on my way to Spain!!!!!
Sixteen Tickets for Limoges to Saint Sebastian, to Madrid, to Barcelona, to Toulose, and back to Limoges. Adventure? I think so!
This week was pretty laid back at school. We had a test in my Techniques d’expression class that was unexpected, but hopefully I did well. No other news in the world of school. It hasn’t been too exciting lately.

I was very proud of myself because I went to the train station and bought all the tickets for when Kara comes to visit me. We are going to go to Lyon and hopefully see Mont Blanc, visit a friend in Strasbourg, Andre, who I went to school with since forever and we both went to high school with him, and then spend the weekend in Paris! I ordered all the tickets in French, with times, dates, location, everything. Numbers and time confuse me a lot (since time is military time) and I did it all! I felt on top of the world!

I am very excited for Spain, but a little scared. I’m only scared because I am afraid to get lost with just us 3 girls. However, I am sure Kelly could take anyone down if they tried to mess with us. We leave tomorrow and go to Saint Sebastian. It’s on the northern coast of Spain and is supposed to be beautiful. We spend two nights there and then go to Madrid. We have to go see the soccer stadium because it is supposed to be the BIG thing. Two nights there and on to Barcelona! We have three nights there. My goal for this trip: Jump into the ocean in Saint Sebastian and Barcelona! Our hostels are not far from the beach, so why not? Who cares that it is maybe 50 degrees outside, and the water will be, oh, freaking cold! I just think it will be fun! How many times will I be able to say I swam in the ocean in Barcelona? For me, probably only once so I am doing it! After three nights there we will head back on Saturday to Limoges in the most round-about trip possible. We have a night in Toulouse and then come back late Sunday! It should be quite the adventure. Look for lots of pictures and fun stories!

Here are some pictures from when Kelli and I cooked Lelani some Mexican food. Okay, just quesadillas, but still! In France, that is Mexican enough for me!

Kelli was definitely the chef. I grated some cheese and tried to spice up the guacamole and that is about it. Actually, that is it!
Thank goodness for Old El Paso! However, the “queso” and salsa are not quite as good as home!
Finished meal!
Me and my Dr. Pepper! It was amazing, and probably because I hadn’t had one in two months!
Here is also a picture from when all of us went ice skating in Limoges.
From left: Kelli, Klara, Ebony, Martina, Jacques, Lucas, Me.
One last thing before I head off to finish packing for Spain!

*HaPpY bIrThDaY tO mY SiStEr, DiEaDra!* Yes, it is on Sunday, but I will be in Spain having a tapas for her!



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