Good thing I wasn’t in Good thing I wasn’t in Oklahoma last night. I probably would have died for fear of the many tornadoes. Thankfully, everyone that I was really worried about is safe. I even got out my American phone and sent my sister a text because I was that scared. Tornadoes still scare the crap out of me, even in France. I think I have a serious problem!
Nothing much has been going on lately. I have spent lots of time outdoors. Klara, Lelani and I had one picnic out by this park with goats! It was like a mini petting zoo but so very fun! I was in love with the baby goats. I think I might have to get one. Hey, I would never have to mow again, right? Later in the week, Klara and I were going to take a trip to Orleans, but after a disaster at the train station with the tickets, we took a bus to some “lake” in Limoges. I use “lake” in quotes because it was more like a manmade pond with friendly ducks. We spent a few hours soaking up some vitamin D and chatting, then headed back home.
Sunday was the last rugby game for me. Limoges is in the semifinals right now and played the last home game (for me at least) on Sunday. They won by one point and it was an exciting game! It was always close and having Lelani and Klara with me helped make it even more fun; as always. This week has been pretty laid back. I have cleaned my room, packed one suitcase, and tried not to go stir crazy. As little time as class took up (only like 5 hours a day) it sure seemed better than having “weekends” all the time! Actually, I haven’t exactly done nothing; I’ve been planning (in my head) what is the first, second, third, things that I will do when I get home. Who will I call first? What will I eat first? What will I think when I go to Walmart and see things in English and hear people talking in English?! It will be different, but a good different.
Tomorrow is the other three parts of my DELF exam. The first part went very well (or so I think) and I am hoping tomorrow goes just as well, if not better. I don’t know if yall know this, but I don’t have to pass the exam to get credit for it, but I want to pass it. I will be extremely proud of myself if I pass. I want to pass. I know I can, and I want and hope that I do. I think it will allow me to finally be confident and comfortable with my French. I just know it will make me feel like I am on top of the world if I pass. Please say a quick prayer for me! Also, if I pass I promise to be the tutor for all of you who want it, at a small price of course! This certification will up my demand 
I only have five days until I am home, and four more days in my little twin bed I’ve grown so comfortable with! I’ll save my thoughts on leaving for my next entry.



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