Hi! I am Devon, a junior in International Studies at OU, I work for Sooner yearbook on the photography staff, a huge OU sports fan and a waitress at a restaurant in Norman. Typical college student… but I am also the “M” word. Married. Crazy, right? I got married this past summer to my best friend, Andy Kysor. We are both from the St. Louis area, met at a concert my senior year of high school, started dating a few days later, got engaged and then married! We made it through one year of long distance when I was at OU my freshman year, until he transferred to OU and is now also a Sooner! In summer 2010, I visited Italy with OU’s Honors in Italy summer program. I loved it, had an amazing time, and really wanted to get back. Good thing Andy likes to travel too, so he was interested in going, and we made it work so that we both are studying in Arezzo, Italy this fall!

To answer a few of the questions I always get: 1) No, I never planned on getting married at a young age. Wasn’t even interested! But when I found Andy, I knew. 2) No, I didn’t get married because I was pregnant. 3) Why yes, I am going to stay in school, finish a degree and find a career!    It seems laughable, but so many people thought that since I was getting married I would let my hopes and ambitions fall away.

Anyways, now that you know a little bit about me, I will talk about OU in Arezzo! When I came to OU, I knew that I would definitely be studying abroad at least once during my time here. I had originally considered Honors in Oxford, but once I heard that OU had a program in Arezzo, Italy, I knew I had to go. This is because my ancestors are from Arezzo, and I still have family there! My last name is so rare, even in Italy, that anyone who has it is related to me. When I came last summer, my relatives were so warm and open, I knew I had to make it back to Arezzo in the next five years. I didn’t think it would be possible to study again here, but when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped on it! Now Andy gets to meet my family (spoiler: he loves them too!) and get to know the Italian culture I cherish.

Fall 2011 was the perfect semester to choose because it suited my class needs perfectly! I am able to complete my honors requirements taking my Colloquium class and writing my Honors Research here with Dr. Julia Ehrhardt, and Dr. Suzette Grillot, the Associate Dean of my college, College of International Studies! Not to mention Professor Kirk Duclaux’s Art History class is phenomenal. We are having a great time in Arezzo and I will post more soon!

Andy and I on our rooftop terrace at our apartment

Bella Toscana — a gorgeous view from the park at the top of the city, Il Prato


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