5. There’s always someone who comes into class late, apologizing loudly even though it really would be better if they just sat down quietly. If you have a class somewhere far away, like Sarkeys or Catlet, you know what I’m talking about. If you’re perpetually lost like me, you know you are this person.

4. The teacher spends the first day of class reading the syllabus, and everyone sits silently, hoping class will get out early. “Do you have any questions? Come on, I know you MUST have some questions!”

3. They have serious coffee addictions. I kid you not, there is a ten-minute break in every class so we can get our caffeine fix. It does not matter how long the class is–four hours or one–there is a break.

2. They yell at you if you get in the bike lane. Granted, Dutch bike lanes are more widespread and well-defined than our lane on the South Oval, but if you accidentally step in one for a fraction of a second, someone will start yelling. No one will ever slow down for you. Ever.

1. They never, ever wear orange to class. Now that’s a rule I can get behind!


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