Ciao! Per Piacere! My name is Nicole Grant and I am currently studying abroad in Italy with the OU in Arezzo program. My life has been uprooted and moved half way across the world to Tuscany. I am originally from a big city in Texas so moving to a small town in Italy has been quite the adjustment. I am an European International and Area Studies major and I am loving it! I speak 3 languages fluently and I am currently working on my fourth. I can speak French, Spanish, and English and now Italian! I am loving learning Italian in a country that actually speaks Italian. I get to practice hands-on with people here even though communication is mainly just “coppia piccola” or “un’etto di proscuitto per favore” . I am a lover of Mexican food, so eating only Italian food has been a struggle! I love tomatoes and Ziti, but not for every meal of the day. I understand I must eat all of this in order to immerse myself fully into the culture of Arezzo and Italy. My favorite thing to do in the United States is shop and thank goodness fashion is a major part of the culture here! I love walking up and down the Corso and seeing all the beautiful shops. So much to look at and so many things to discover everyday. I still wake up and giggle to myself, because it is unbelievable I am in Italy. Instead of birds chirping outside my window in Norman, I get mopeds and cars and regular city noises. This experience has already been quite the roller coaster, but keeps getting better everyday! I better get going on my Dante close reading paper. Until next time amichi!



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