Hello! My name is Jenna Staerkel. I am currently studying abroad in Yamagata, Japan. The other day I went to the Yonezawa Snow Lantern Festival. A snow lantern festival is exactly what it sounds like. During these festivals, large snow lanterns are exhibited along with a variety of snow sculptures.

The northern parts of Japan receive large amounts of snow every year and so there are many snow festivals held each year in these areas. The largest and most famous snow festival is located in Hokkaido.
When I arrived at the train station, I could tell that the whole town was really excited for the snow lantern festival. Outside of the train station, there was even a small stand distributing free soup. After I enjoyed some soup, I climbed up the giant snow sculptures that were built just outside of the station.

I then took a bus to the snow lantern festival. It was very cold and very crowded, but there were so many beautiful snow lanterns and sculptures on display.

Towards that middle of the festival there were many food and snack stands set up. I also came across a very large snow sculpture that was built to commemorate those who lost their lives during the earthquake.
Although the festival was very cold, it was well worth it! The lanterns and sculptures were beautiful and the food at the stands was delicious. Thanks to this snowy and cold winter, I was starting to get really tired of the snow. However, after attending this snow lantern festival, I have come to realize just how amazing snow can be.

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