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Rick, Meet Readers. Readers, Meet Rick.

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Rick Dubler Head ShotFor Rick, aiding in the professional development process of others has always been a part of his work.

Even before joining the staff at the University of Oklahoma, Rick found himself focused on employee development in the world of sales. Now, as a member of the OU Career Services team, Rick is committed to facilitating the professional development of not only the students he advises, but also the staff members on his team.

Rick serves as the Associate Director of OU Career Services, overseeing the career advising program, walk-in appointments, and various other duties categorized in the student-services aspect of our office. He serves as the direct career adviser for the Gallogly College of Engineering, the Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy, the College of Architecture, the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences, and the Department of Aviation.

A seasoned and insightful professional, Rick is a staple in the office, providing much-needed context, a laugh, and a sports trivia fact (or two) along the way.

On Job Searching

In Rick’s words, research is key. We know that many students skimp on the research portion of the job search. Rick believes that at any stage of the job search, there is always more research to be done. Looking to start applying for jobs? Research various companies, positions, and locations you’d like to work. Have an interview? Research the company culture, questions to ask, and backgrounds of those interviewing you. Attending a networking event? Research current industry events, build talking points, and learn all you can prior to your arrival.

Rick and Students at Career Fair

Rick with Students at the Engineering Career Fair

Rick walks his students through these thought processes and teaches them to have a research-focused job search experience. Proper research allows for increased mental clarity when having conversations or in an interview.

On Advice

Rick’s personal philosophy when it comes to job searching and advice revolves around not only research, but also networking. For Rick, it is easy to see that networking is the most under-utilized piece of the job search process. In today’s job market, students can no longer just apply for positions. They should be reaching out to family friends, professors, their doctors, bankers, dentists, barbers, advisers, classmates, and so on. Put a face to a name and utilize your network to break through to that next phase of any job or internship search process.

On Working for Career Services

Coming from a quasi-sales background, working at the University of Oklahoma was never on Rick’s radar – especially not in a role where he would be advising engineers, scientists, and pilots in their career development process. For Rick, having a different background from the students he advises has helped him learn more about other industries, but also helps the students gain new perspectives from a non-expert in their fields. Rick loves working at a place where his co-workers are motivated to do more and be better in the ways they serve students.

The Why

For Rick, “the why” is easy. He wants to educate and support students in their next big adventure after college. He loves being a part of a team that is constantly striving to find “the next big thing” to aid in students’ job searching processes. Rick truly does work to get students hired – sooner.

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Helping you get hired sooner,

-OU Career Services Team


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