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Perfect Halloween Music
A vampire, a witch, and a ghost are gathered around a cauldron when unsuspecting little children ring the doorbell. No, this isn’t a scary movie - it’s a Halloween party, and the characters are guests in costume drinking punch when trick-or-treaters (More)
Finally, A New Literary Recommendation
Hello again, theoretical Unwind readers.  As the semester comes to a close, I'm going to do something I haven't done in a while--actually write about a book.  As you (likely don't) know, I've largely written about bad films and other miscella (More)
Ima run away to Canada.
Lemee just give you a little insight into what the last school week looked like for me: Monday: Woke up at some ungodly hour, studied, freaked out, studied, had a panic attack, studied, cried a little, studied, took my first comprehensive exam for g (More)
Out of Season, but still Perfect
Next week's Dead Week. Dun, dun, dun. In theory, Dead Week is a "just-lay-back-and-review" sort of week. In reality, it's all ten-page papers, final projects, and last-minute pleas for extra (More)
Brevity, As Usual
Theoretical readers of the Unwind blog, I apologize for the brevity and sparseness of my posts as of late.  I'm afraid this will be another, but hopefully my last of the sort.  I'm sure you all understand my plight at this point in the semester. (More)
Life Dropping: Freecycle
See what I did there? Life Dropping? Instead of Link Drop - nevermind. Let's just move on. You might remember, folks, that your favorite internet dork got robbed. Sad, yes, but I've (More)
Can you read me now?
If you know me at all, you know I'm not a technology snob. My television is about 18 years old (seriously), I don't have a Wii, my only iPod is a shuffle (and it was a gift), and I still can't really comprehend how TiVo works. So it's understandabl (More)
The Best Pizza
I'm going off course this week. Isn't the first time, but, hey, sometimes you have to be random. I wanted to talk about Doctor Who, and how he's back. Thank you! But he's yet to return t (More)
Link Dropping:
What's that? I promised more iPad talk? Nonsense! We'll be covering the concept of 'daily pages' today, wherein a lucky sort like you hammers out 750 words every single day for the next forever. You don't have to go that long, realistically, but yo (More)
Demands for Spring
Greetings, Unwind readers (assuming you exist). Now that we're in the last throes of the semester, when every second is critical yet all you want to do is sit around and merely exist, I'm finding myself growing increasingly listless.  I'm a much (More)
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