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Yank on Stomach...
Well, the direct translation isn't yank on stomach. It's actually "pull stomach". However, that doesn't do reality justice. It's more like yan (More)
Around the world in 90 minutes...
Around the world in 90 minutes...Impossible? No. Astronauts do it all the time. Us normal people? Maybe a little more difficult. Until now. L (More)
Week 1 Over
First week is over. What a relief. That first couple days of getting settled in, realizing my Chinese wasn't as good as what I thought, and de (More)
The need for a friend
Moving to a new country is fraught with uncertainty and unexpected requirements. Sometimes, that means more headaches and frustrations than one ever wants in a lifetime. Like when you have money, but no way to access it. Or when you have a visa, but (More)
T minus who knows and it's late...
China. Beijing no less. I can't believe I'm here. It's been over a year since I left this country and now I'm back. The days leading up to this moment went by too fast. So many friends and family to see and talk to. So little time to spend with ea (More)
T-minus 6 days and counting...
Everything is set. My bags are packed. Play time is over. I am heading to China. But not for six more days. Sigh. What am I going to do? Everyone else is in school. They just finished their first week. They are getting ready for the first big b (More)

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