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Firefox Upgrade for CQ5
We just want to give you a quick update on Firefox upgrades and CQ5 compatibility. Firefox 13 appears to be working fine with CQ5. W (More)
Meet Gina
Friends, #TeamWebComm is thrilled to announce our newest addition has finally arrived. Gina Petruccelli, our new, highly anticipated (and much-needed) CMS migrations manager, is already moving ahead at full speed. She has taken over all CQ migrati (More)
Meet Tom
Tom is #TeamWebComm's jack-of-all trades. Tom joined Web Comm a few short months ago, but it already seems like he has been here for ages. He manages our finances, general office needs, and much more. Basically, he keeps us coordinated and organiz (More)
Open Office Hours
Starting next week, June 13th, the Web Comm open office hours will be moving to 2:30 P.M. - 5:00 P.M., every Wednesday. This is the time when CMS users can come in and get help from one of our brilliant CMS experts! We're adding a new option to th (More)
Upgrading Firefox for CQ5
Firefox 3.6 is no longer supported by Mozilla. If you still have Firefox 3.6, Mozilla will automatically upgrade you to Firefox 12 by ea (More)
Accessibility Resources for you!
Webaim This is a pretty prolific site that has a cool little toolbar to install to your bowser.  It's called Wave.  You've probably seen it before.  It's a great tool, but it (More)
Web Accessibility in the CMS
Web accessibility is important.  Besides the fact that it is a federal requirement, you never want to limit your audience.  Taking the proper steps to ensure that you do not exclude anyone with a disability from being able to access your website woul (More)
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