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Starter Guide to Facebook Custom Audiences
This week, we brought in Sarah Hoffman, Senior Manager of the Social Media team at BigWing to share best practices for building More)
7 Reasons Why a Podcast is the Content Your Brand Needs
If you haven't considered adding podcasts to your content strategy, now is the time. With an explosion of listeners, proven success with other major brands, and low-key production, they're a stand-out platform to do what solid content marketing is su (More)
SEO, Analytics, and Being Digitally Relevant
Hi fellow market-eers, On Wednesday, March 29, we welcomed Rob Stone to campus. Rob is the President/CEO of Marketing 2 Point 0 in Edmond, OK, and is an expert in field of all things SEO (search engine op (More)
How to Use Instagram Live to Build Your Brand
In a world where visual content reigns supreme, Instagram is a stand-out platform for content marketing. It has garnered over 500 million monthly users and captivated the highly coveted Millennial audience. With humble origins as a photo-sharing app, (More)
Why I shoot with Fuji's X100T.
Why I Shoot With Fuji's X100T. I love working at WebComm. There's the creative environment, lively campus atmosphere, restaurants for days and, of course, I get to shoot with some of the best gear around!  It’s been a humbling experience to (More)
Welcome, Emily!
Remember at the beginning of summer when the left side of my brain, Morgan, left #TeamWebComm to work at the Sam Noble Museum?! Remember how her More)
Ultimate Facebook Hack: Saving Content
Hello youths and not youths! This blog post brought to you by some perfectly aligned stars: Star 1: It is my week to write a blog post. (More)
When You Marry Your Job
Walking into the WebComm for my first day as the new Content Specialist kind of felt like getting married again. Starting a new job isn’t exactly on (More)
Finding Your Color Inspiration
On a lot of projects you are provided an existing color palette from a client, but for personal projects, or when you’re given free reign over color design, how do you narrow down a palette? Going out for a walk or browsing the acrylics section at yo (More)
May 2016 Social Media Content Challenge
Happy May, content marketers! With the start of a new month I've decided to begin a new monthly content challenge series. These are designed to give you a variety of different types of content tools to try for the first time or work on perfecting if (More)
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