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7 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Twitter Content
Never has 140 seemed like so little as when you're trying to squeeze down a tweet, amiright? And then you figure in 23 of those precious characters are used for a link and 24 of them for an image and you're left with 93. Ninety-three characters to cr (More)
7 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Facebook Page
Today I'm specifically talking about small tweaks that will immediately improve your business and/or organization Facebook Page. These are the things I've learned over the years and that I've continued to do to not only build OU's brand but keep a co (More)
Social Media: Bedlam
(Please note: this is a post about The University of Oklahoma's social media accounts that I manage as compared to Oklahoma State University's Facebook. Both OU and OSU ath (More)
Friday 5: Cinemagraphs
After a short hiatus, Friday 5 is back, and this week we're looking at my newest obsession...cinemagraphs. Relatively uncommon but gaining popularity, cinemagraphs combine both photos and video to give the impression of a moving image (think the < (More)
3 Takeaways from 'Nicely Said: Writing for the Web with Style and Purpose'
I stumbled upon “Nicely Said: Writing for the Web with Style and Purpose” when I needed it most. More)
Friday 5: What To Consider When Purchasing A Camera -VLOG!
Yea, that\'s right. A VLOG, as in video blog. It\'s my first ever so forgive the oddities that will inevitably be present.   Thanks, Mason More)
The Power of ‘Yes’ in Storytelling
A couple weeks ago, our web marketing team had one of those workdays that goes down in history as “the best day ever.” The team — Candace TimmonsMore)
Friday 5: 5 Things You Should Know About Instagram
If you\'re anything like me, this past Thursday was pretty spectacular. Not only did we get a few seconds of new footage from Sta (More)
Hello everybody, Mason here. I\'m a new member of the Web Comm team, well, sort of new, I\'ve been here for two months. You might recognize the name from a brief (More)
Friday Five: Depth of Field
Friday Five: Depth of Field This week we\'ll be talking about depth of field (DOF) and taking a look at 5 (or so) images that\'ll help us understand this vital aspect of photography. Don\'t forget, these photos and more are available to you in all (More)
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