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SEO, Analytics, and Being Digitally Relevant
Hi fellow market-eers, On Wednesday, March 29, we welcomed Rob Stone to campus. Rob is the President/CEO of Marketing 2 Point 0 in Edmond, OK, and is an expert in field of all things SEO (search engine op (More)
Finding Your Color Inspiration
On a lot of projects you are provided an existing color palette from a client, but for personal projects, or when you’re given free reign over color design, how do you narrow down a palette? Going out for a walk or browsing the acrylics section at yo (More)
3 Takeaways from 'Nicely Said: Writing for the Web with Style and Purpose'
I stumbled upon “Nicely Said: Writing for the Web with Style and Purpose” when I needed it most. More)
Award Season: PRSA
Hello, Award Season! #TeamWebComm Monday Trivia will be replaced with awards we\'ve won as they start arriving at our office. This week, we are thrilled to receive Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) awards! More)
Friday 5: Black and White Photography
There are so many things that could be said about black and white photography. We could get into the history of how images were once captured with only B&W, the styles and techniques that are most commonly used with B&W, and then there’s abou (More)
Content First
Why a content-first approach? When you’re considering a website redesign, you may be tempted to think about the design first and figure out the content later. Don’t. Content should be the priority. Everyone wants an attractive website that util (More)
Hello world! This is my first time posting for OU WebComm and I think I\'ve come up with a great idea. We all need a little inspiration in order to create, influence and sometimes just make it through the day. I thought it would be a great idea (More)
Five Steps to a Better Website
Want to improve on your website but don’t know where to start? Many website owners think that the only way to achieve a better website is a complete overhaul – a brand new design. In some cases that may be true, but there are also hundreds of improve (More)
Behind the Scenes: redesign
After many months of research, development, writing, information architecture and design, we are finally ready to launch a brand new More)
Meet Brian
Brian may be a New Yorker, but he's definitely taking this Oklahoma thing seriously. Rumor is he and his wife already have their newborn daughter enrolled at OU for the class of 2034. He's already accomplished so much as the new #TeamWebComm Interact (More)

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