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Home - Part 2
As I promised, I'm going to continue on this idea of "home." But this is also about my Thanksgiving travels. A few weeks ago, I did another full week of (More)
Home - Part 1
Disclaimer: This window has nothing to do with this post. I just really love it. Despite (More)
Dolce far niente.
Ciao a tutti! My name is Lane and I am studying abroad in Arezzo, Italy this semester! I have officially been here in Arezzo, Italy for over a month now! I can not believe time is going by so quickly. I am completely in love with this place, it's (More)
Happiness hit her like a train on the tracks....
Okay, I realize I hit it kind of hard in that last post.  I promise this one is much less self-analytical and grandiose.  It is, in fact, just a simple recounting of my day.  It's not even very detailed because I wrote it on a train.  So just in case (More)
"Time makes you bolder. Children get older."
I've already noticed on this trip--I've had a lot of photos of sunsets, but just as many sunrises.[/captio (More)
Getting Around Europe
Back in the day, I thought backpacking through Europe meant trains. That’s what happened on Gilmore Girls, anyway. But we’re in a new century now, and trains are so passe. If you want to get from place to place in Europe cheaply, you don’t train. (More)
Die Hongerspelen
The truly beautiful thing about study abroad is that I can construe just about anything as a cultural experience. Grocery shopping? Cultural experience. Falling asleep on my patio at noon? Cultural experience. Going to the movies, then, is definit (More)
Surprise! Things I Didn't Know, Pt. 3
This is the third post in a series that will highlight things I’m learning as I go. From the mundane everything to the panic-stricken moments, here’s what I (now) know: 1. Assume you call your professor by her first name until otherwise instru (More)
Ciao from Arezzo!
Hello, My name is Tyler and I am studying in Arezzo, Italy for the spring 2012 semester. I am going to try and post once a week about all of the fun and exciting things going on here at the OUA campus. Yesterday, February 15th, Kirk Duclaux's Art H (More)
Ciao, This weekend was awesome! Myself and 6 other girls from OUA went to Venice this weekend for Carnevale. It was so much fun. I'll give you a short run down of all of the things we got to do and see while we were there! We left on Thursday Febru (More)
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