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Celebrating Graduates during COVID
  This weekend when students walk across the stage to receive their diplomas, some of them will be graduating because of the efforts of Mewbourne College of Earth and (More)
Dr. Gan Receives George Lynn Cross Research Professorship
Dr. Rong Gan has received the George Lynn Cross Research Professorship, the highest research and creative activity honor given by the University to a faculty member who has demonstrated outstanding leadership over a period of years in his or her (More)
State Seismologist Jake Walter Develops Method for Identifying Small, Previously Undetectable Earthquakes Using AI
People did a lot of things during lockdown in March. Some built a deck and others learned how to make sourdough bread. Oklahoma’s state seismologist, Jake Walter, used his lockdown ti (More)
Dr. Elmore Named 2020 Distinguished Service Award Winner
School of Geosciences professor Doug Elmore was named the 2020 recipient of the Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy's Distinguished Service Award. The award recog (More)
Dr. Kazempoor Receives $1.8 M+ Grant for Natural Gas Project
  In January, Dr. Pejman Kazempoor received a grant to start work on his natural gas project titled, "Low-Cost Retrofit Kit for Integral Reciprocating Compressors (IRCs) t (More)
Highlighting Dr. Miller and Dr. Fagg's Research Project: Progressive Locomotor Learning in Infants at Risk for Cerebral Palsy
Dr. David Miller and Dr. Andrew Fagg are working with researchers and children all over the country to develop a device called the Self-Initiated Prone Progression Crawler (SIPPC) that they hope will be a new treatment for cerebral palsy. The project (More)
Highlighting Dr. Cai's Research
This week, we are highlighting Dr. Jie Cai's research in the Smart Buildings Laboratory.  His research topics include Design and Control o (More)
Highlighting Dr. Guloglu
Dr. Gorkem Guloglu earned his M.S. and Ph.D. in aerospace engineering from the University of Oklahoma. He has spent most of his time here researching composite materials w (More)
AME Faculty Profiles
We have amazing professors here at AME who love teaching and working with our students. This week, get to know these seven outstanding faculty members.  Dr. Chung-H (More)
Oklahoma Geological Survey Welcomes New Director
Nicholas Hayman, an accomplished researcher whose area of expertise centers around marine geology and geophysics, tectonics, seismicity and the interdependence between engineering (More)
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