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OU Bucket List 2016
Campus Boredom Busters
Now that everyone has settled in to their classes, housing arrangements and schedules, plenty of students have free time to explore what OU has to offer. But where do you start? We've broken it up for you into general, arts and sports. With this many (More)
The 10 Essential Apps Every Sooner Needs
Let’s face it, life can get pretty busy sometimes. Between juggling classes and joining student organizations, it can be tough to stay on track, find your way around campus or even find the time to enjoy lunch. Luckily, OU has created a few digital s (More)
A Guide to the OU Residential Colleges
The OU campus is buzzing with talk about the brand-new Residential Colleges that are popping up across the street from the stadium. Set to debut in the Fall of (More)
Campus Coffee Crawl 2016 Recap
It's November, and the fourth annual Campus Coffee Crawl has come to a close. Whether you're a senior who's participated all four years, or you're a freshman who participated for the first time, Campus Coffee Crawl is all about our campus coffee shop (More)
Campus Dining Student Spotlights
Have you ever had a grilled cheese sandwich so good that you wished you could personally thank the person who made it? Did you ever wonder who takes the time to make that perfect stack of pancakes or delicious hash browns? Within OU Campus Dining, th (More)
Get To Know OU's Leafy Green Machine
Wouldn’t it be super cool if OU had a way to grow its own fresh produce and serve it on campus? Seems pretty healthy, clean and green, right? This is exactly what Housing and Food Services thought when they teamed up with the student organization OUr (More)
What to Watch with the Roommate this Halloween
Halloween is on a Monday this year, which means you'll have a whole weekend to enjoy your favorite movies and shows to get in the spirit of this spooky holiday. Here are just a few ideas of what you can watch with the roommate for Halloween weekend. (More)
Tips and Tricks For Your OU Living Space
The wait is finally over, and you can start planning for your new college living space! Luckily, OU provides a pretty handy packing list  tha (More)
OU Move-In 2016: Everything You Need To Know
The wait is finally over. Your bags and boxes are packed; your car is stuffed to the brim, and you are heading to Norman to start your new college journey. Move-In Day is the first of many thrilling experiences that you’ll have at OU, and we are here (More)
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