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OU Bucket List 2016
Campus Boredom Busters
Now that everyone has settled in to their classes, housing arrangements and schedules, plenty of students have free time to explore what OU has to offer. But where do you start? We've broken it up for you into general, arts and sports. With this many (More)
The 10 Essential Apps Every Sooner Needs
Let’s face it, life can get pretty busy sometimes. Between juggling classes and joining student organizations, it can be tough to stay on track, find your way around campus or even find the time to enjoy lunch. Luckily, OU has created a few digital s (More)
Made in Oklahoma Recap
University of Oklahoma students at the Made in Oklahoma Showcase This year's Made in Oklaho (More)
Courses You Should Take, Regardless of Your Major
No matter what career path you have chosen, you're likely looking for courses that complement your field of study, as well as leave you with the most varied skills. Fortunately, the University of Oklahoma believes in both lower and upper-level genera (More)
Upperclass Student Living Options
Thousands of first-year students move into Couch, Adams, Walker and Cate Centers every August and turn a vacant residence hall into their home for nine months. When May comes, some of them will unplug their string lights, pack away their pictures and (More)
Finals De-Stress Tips
As a college student, finding a balance between classes, work and a healthy lifestyle is not always easy to accomplish. It's normal to feel overwhelmed once in a while, especially in such a stressful time as is exams week. Here are some study tips (More)
A Guide to the OU Residential Colleges
The OU campus is buzzing with talk about the brand-new Residential Colleges that are popping up across the street from the stadium. Set to debut in the Fall of (More)
Our Favorite Moments from Fall 2016
A new semester has arrived, and amid the excitement of new moments to come, we took some time to gather our favorite memories from fall 2016.   More)
Support, Legacy and Growth: Discovering Your "Why"
The Residential Colleges’ application may leave you with many questions. What will it be like to live there? What kind of experiences will I encounter? Who will I live with? Though all of the above are valid remarks, there's also another important qu (More)
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