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Brand Goals: Spindrift
After giving up my Diet Coke addiction a few years ago I've noticed three things: My migraines magically went away (mostly). The guy at Campus Corner Market no longer recognizes me as a regular. I had to find a substitute in sparkling water (More)
Marketing OU/Texas: The 2016 Roundup
Another OU Texas matchup has come and gone and the marketing for year's Red River Showdown will go down in history as some of #TeamWebComm's best work. Let's take a look at what our office created and promoted and how it measured up on social media. (More)
How To Host an Open Casting Call
  On May 4, 2016, the OU Office of Web Communications, Marketing & New Media accomplished a goal they'd had a long time ago in a (More)
OU Integrated Marketing - April 2016
Happy Spring! We're all busy gearing up for Commencement, Graduation and - at long last - SUMMER! April and the beginning of May are full of fun content opportunities...and some predicted severe weather. We have all the info below:   Severe (More)
Social Media: Bedlam
(Please note: this is a post about The University of Oklahoma's social media accounts that I manage as compared to Oklahoma State University's Facebook. Both OU and OSU ath (More)
Content Marketing Meeting - November
This gorgeous, fall morning, communicators from across campus ventured to the OU Office of Web Communications, Marketing and New Media for donuts and our monthly CM^2: Content Marketing with Candace and Morgan - a meeting where we discuss content ini (More)
How to Add Apps to Your Facebook Page
You know how when your job is social media you sit down at your desk to do something and before you know it you\'ve fallen into the black hole that is the internet and when you surface you have no idea where you are or what you sat down to do in the (More)
Guest Blog: How to Create a Successful Social Scavenger Hunt
At Emory University (in Atlanta, GA) we have a sort of unofficial mascot named \"Lord Dooley.\" He\'s the Spirit of Emory, showing up at student-run events with an entourage dress (More)
Friday 5: Clouds
It\'s almost game day, and you can feel the excitement across campus. Tents are getting set up, roads are being closed, classes are done for the week, and in about 24 hours I\'ll be on the sideline for the first time. Typically, I would have a more i (More)
The Cutaway: The Best Sendoff in Film History
“Moving pictures need sound as much as Beethoven symphonies need lyrics.” - Charlie Chaplin Imagine this: You\'re a living legend. You write, direct, produce, e (More)
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