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From Her Office: Career Growth Top 5
This is a new series I\'ll be posting regularly. As I\'ve grown in my own career, I\'ve faced hurdles as a female leader that those who come after me might also encounter, but you shouldn\'t have to face them alone. Today I want to kick it off with t (More)
My relationship with woodworking began much like anyone else’s with the discovery of the pile of sawdust underneath my dad’s table saw. It was awesome. I helped my dad with his projects by nailing random nails I found on the ground into a scrap piece (More)
Vacation Nation
Vacation. Beach, mountains, or an Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt marathon (it\'s (More)
Sooner World
As many of you know, our office has a thing for dinosaurs. So it should come as no surprise that we\'ve been counting down the days to (More)
3 Breakthroughs From a Rookie Public Speaker
This might come as a surprise, but us WebCommies don’t actually spend all of our time hunched over our keyboards, typing and coding and social media-ing the day away inside our dark office where we’re shut off from real human interaction. I mean, (More)
Being 100% Human While Working the Web
Being the first face people meet behind our CMS (content management system for the web acronym impaired) is a pretty powerful and amazing job. I love getting to work with the wide variety of departments and areas across campus. I love working with th (More)
Hello world! This is my first time posting for OU WebComm and I think I\'ve come up with a great idea. We all need a little inspiration in order to create, influence and sometimes just make it through the day. I thought it would be a great idea (More)
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