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Home - Part 2
As I promised, I'm going to continue on this idea of "home." But this is also about my Thanksgiving travels. A few weeks ago, I did another full week of (More)
Home - Part 1
Disclaimer: This window has nothing to do with this post. I just really love it. Despite (More)
Like butter scraped over too much bread...
A week or so ago, I made the quick comment on Facebook that “it’s impossible to be upset about being so overwhelmingly busy when all the things competing for my time are so amazingly awesome.”  I didn’t go into details at the time—because I was just (More)
Dolce far niente.
Ciao a tutti! My name is Lane and I am studying abroad in Arezzo, Italy this semester! I have officially been here in Arezzo, Italy for over a month now! I can not believe time is going by so quickly. I am completely in love with this place, it's (More)
These Are My Souvenirs
13:42. train to Pisa: €12,40 18:25. plane to Seville: €22,00 21:00. bus to Seville city center: €2,40 two nights at a hostel down the street from the cathedral: €22,00 08:00. bus to Seville airport: €2,40 09:20. flight to Milan: €29,99 (More)
Happiness hit her like a train on the tracks....
Okay, I realize I hit it kind of hard in that last post.  I promise this one is much less self-analytical and grandiose.  It is, in fact, just a simple recounting of my day.  It's not even very detailed because I wrote it on a train.  So just in case (More)
We Don't Even Have to Try; It's Always a Good Time
Buongiorno, friends! Starting a blog post is hard, so I'm going to skip to the middle of it. But before I do that, I should come back towa (More)
"Time makes you bolder. Children get older."
I've already noticed on this trip--I've had a lot of photos of sunsets, but just as many sunrises.[/captio (More)
"Food for Thought"
Hi! As promised in my last entry, I'm going to do a bit of catch up and move forward at the same best I can. I know I’ve thrown around the enticing word “joust” at least once.  And yes, I have been literal this whole time—Arezzo is ho (More)
Per Piacere!
Ciao! Per Piacere! My name is Nicole Grant and I am currently studying abroad in Italy with the OU in Arezzo program. My life has been uprooted and moved half way across the world to Tuscany. I am originally from a big city in Texas so moving to a sm (More)
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