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Uncomfortable? Good – you're growing!
As you’re gearing up to rise from high school into college, you may be completely overwhelmed with decisions on which classes to take, what major to declare and where you will live. Or maybe you’re really excited to finally get out of high school and (More)
My First Semester at OU
As my first semester at OU has come to an end, I feel like there’s a lot that I can say I’ve learned, both in and out of the classroom. There’s so much that an incoming college student has to learn just to “survive” the college life. Coming from a re (More)
I’m a senior…#waitwhat?!
      I just went to my last advising appointment at the University of Oklahoma. I experienced my last Camp Crimson about 2 months ago. I have been to my last first football game of a season. I had my last first day of school… (More)
The magic of fall
Leaves are changing colors. Jackets are coming out of closets… The University of Oklahoma is indeed a magical place in the fall. This fall was a little different for me. In addition to going to class and studying, I was planning an arts festival. (More)
Fall on campus
As I sit in Starbucks drinking my pumpkin spice latte and reading for my Women and Gender studies class, I think about how this is my last fall in Norman. It’s so crazy how fast time flies. Four years ago, I remember eagerly anticipating the homecomi (More)
Starting my own company
One of the greatest experiences I have had at the University of Oklahoma was being a part of OU's Integrated Business Core (IBC) program. IBC offers so many learning experienc (More)
September at OU
September at OU is a beautiful time of the year.  Everyone is all settled into classes and daily routines, the weather is beginning to cool down (no more 100 degree weeks!), and best of all…it’s football time in Oklahoma!  Football Saturdays are very (More)
Opportunity Knocks
Chase your dreams; choose Crimson and Cream. Whether you know your life’s calling, or you’re still waiting for that phone call, at the University of Oklahoma opportunity knocks at every door. Growing up, you and I were told to dream big and reach (More)

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