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SEO, Analytics, and Being Digitally Relevant
Hi fellow market-eers, On Wednesday, March 29, we welcomed Rob Stone to campus. Rob is the President/CEO of Marketing 2 Point 0 in Edmond, OK, and is an expert in field of all things SEO (search engine op (More)
Content Marketing Meeting - September
Tuesday morning, communicators from across campus ventured to the Office of Web Communications, Marketing and New Media for donuts and our monthly CM^2: Content Marketing with Candace and Morgan meeting where we discuss content initiatives we\'re foc (More)
Content Marketing Meeting - August
#TeamWebComm is so excited to host monthly content meetings - a place for marketing professionals across campus get on the same page about what is happening on campus and upcoming brandi (More)
How to Create Content Students Actually Pay Attention To
Hey, everybody! I\'m writing this post not from the WebComm office as I sit in front of my personal space heater ... More)
Campus Communicators Workshop: Nailed It
A few of us Web Commies got the chance to meet other campus communicators this past week and get the word out about what #TeamWebComm does, thanks to the fine (More)
3 Breakthroughs From a Rookie Public Speaker
This might come as a surprise, but us WebCommies don’t actually spend all of our time hunched over our keyboards, typing and coding and social media-ing the day away inside our dark office where we’re shut off from real human interaction. I mean, (More)
5 Things I Learned From #SMTULSA: \'What The Crap is Next for Social Media?\' by @EricTTung
When I first heard about #SMTULSA I was all like ...     & (More)
Edu Web 2.0
This summer a few Web Comm-ers ventured to the Edu Web Conference in Boston, MA. You may remember our post from More)
Perfect Halloween Music
A vampire, a witch, and a ghost are gathered around a cauldron when unsuspecting little children ring the doorbell. No, this isn’t a scary movie - it’s a Halloween party, and the characters are guests in costume drinking punch when trick-or-treaters (More)

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