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Parisa Marashizadeh Receives Nancy Mergler and Bullard Dissertation Completion Fellowship
AME is proud to share that Parisa Marashizadeh, a Ph.D. candidate in Mechanical Engineering, has received the Nancy Mergler and Bullard Dissertation Completion Fello (More)
Highlighting Dr. Cai's Research
This week, we are highlighting Dr. Jie Cai's research in the Smart Buildings Laboratory.  His research topics include Design and Control o (More)
Highlighting Dr. Guloglu
Dr. Gorkem Guloglu earned his M.S. and Ph.D. in aerospace engineering from the University of Oklahoma. He has spent most of his time here researching composite materials w (More)
Research in Ultra-High Thermal Conductivity
Dr. Jivtesh Garg and his graduate students are exploring a new class of ultra-hard boron-carbide materials s (More)
Research in Flexible Sensors
In Spring 2020, AME granted several Undergraduate Research Opportunity Awards (UROA) to faculty and undergraduate students. Dr. Yingtao Liu and his student, Vincent (More)
Using EEG to Understand Engineering Creativity
Tess Hartog, Md Tanvir Ahad, and Amin Alhashim are working together to explore the uses of electroencephalogram (EEG) to understand neuro-responses as they pertain to creativity in engineering. They are working under Dr. Zahed Siddique; Tess Hartog i (More)
AME Professors Join Colleagues to Discuss the Big 12 Engineering Consortium
AME faculty Li Song and Takumi Hawa recently joined a group of faculty from engineering schools throughout the Big 12 at the San Diego Naval Base i (More)
Seeing the Symphony AME: Professor Rong Gan Tackles Hearing Loss
Rethinking Hearing Loss University faculty and researchers generally garner recognition for their work in the form of awards, research grants (More)
AME Student Attends Engineering Entrepreneurship Trip in Austin, Texas
By Maryam Sabeghi I am a senior studying mechanical engineering. In the past years I focused on my classes and grades. Although being a top (More)
Inside AME: The AME Shop
Today we welcome guest blogger Billy Mays, AME Shop Supervisor. One of the most popular labs at AME is the AME Shop.  Facilitated by shop personnel Billy Mays and Greg Williams, the AME Shop not only provides students with hands-on engineering exp (More)
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