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Tips for Getting Your LinkedIn Account Recruiter Ready
LinkedIn. It's more than just the grown-up Facebook. It's your personal key to finding jobs, internships, and creating a killer first impression that will wow any recruiter. Did you know that over More)
No Pressure: From Dream Internship to Dream Job
I began the spring semester of my junior year with two goals: 1) pass my classes, and 2) get an internship at an advertising agency. The former was pretty obvious; however, the latter possessed a special kind of pressure that has been growing greater (More)
How to Use Instagram Live to Build Your Brand
In a world where visual content reigns supreme, Instagram is a stand-out platform for content marketing. It has garnered over 500 million monthly users and captivated the highly coveted Millennial audience. With humble origins as a photo-sharing app, (More)
Brand Goals: Spindrift
After giving up my Diet Coke addiction a few years ago I've noticed three things: My migraines magically went away (mostly). The guy at Campus Corner Market no longer recognizes me as a regular. I had to find a substitute in sparkling water (More)
Filling the Gaps with Snapchat
Welcome!  I’m Cameron Morgan and I’m an intern with OU Web Communications. This is my first blog post here and I am pumped about it! Where to begin… Well, let’s start with what I do for OU: SNAPCHAT. More)
Ultimate Facebook Hack: Saving Content
Hello youths and not youths! This blog post brought to you by some perfectly aligned stars: Star 1: It is my week to write a blog post. (More)
When You Marry Your Job
Walking into the WebComm for my first day as the new Content Specialist kind of felt like getting married again. Starting a new job isn’t exactly on (More)
Welcome to the JMC4970 Blog!
Candace here. Site admin, JMC4970's adjunct professor and full-time social media marketing manager for The University of Oklahoma. This blog is the place I'll discuss what we're doing in class, why we're doing it, what I learned and learning objec (More)
Letting Your Light Shine on Social Media
I first joined the social media world when I was 14 and a freshman in high school. So looking back, a lot of my Facebook statuses said stuff like: “going to bedd. 2 much on my mindd,” “I luv my besties” and “marching band suxx.” I was an opinionated (More)
When an Earworm is More than an Earworm
We’ve all been there. You hear or read a line of a song you know or a new song and then there it stays, rolling round your subconscious for hours, days, weeks. It’s a nuisance so legendary the likes of More)
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