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Courtney\'s List of Favorites-Norman Dining
There are many places to grab a bite to eat near and around campus, but there are a few spots that you should know about and go to often. Sometimes you only have an awkward 50-minute break between two classes that didn’t fit back to back on your sche (More)
Diversity at OU
I’ve attended the University of Oklahoma for three years now.  It isn’t too far from home, OKC, so I thought it would be a simple transition. I was right, mostly. There is still a lot of wind, an insane focus on college football and a small-town kind (More)
Finish Strong!
Wow! Sophomore year is coming to an end...which means graduation is that much closer! I can\'t believe it has been almost two years since we first came to the University! As we wrap up the semester and count down the days until summer, it seems (More)
Safe Spring Break Tips
Tips for a Safe Spring Break   As we finish the last of the dreaded midterm, Spring Break starts to take over the majority of our thoughts. Most people dream of the sandy beach in Panama City Beach while others look forward to the ski slop (More)
Getting Focused
Juniors, It is about that time of the year when everything hits the fan and all the assignments that were “due next month” are now “due next class.” Things that seemed far off in the horizon are now coming up fast, all because you tricked yourself (More)

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