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A Student's Perspective - from the OU MLL&L Review, Fall 2012
[Editor's note: Alexander Anand, our guest writer for this issue, is a National Merit Scholar and a 2012 graduate with dual bachelor's degrees in Russian and East European studies. Anand will travel to Russia to teach English this year with the suppo (More)
Home - Part 2
As I promised, I'm going to continue on this idea of "home." But this is also about my Thanksgiving travels. A few weeks ago, I did another full week of (More)
Home - Part 1
Disclaimer: This window has nothing to do with this post. I just really love it. Despite (More)
Like butter scraped over too much bread...
A week or so ago, I made the quick comment on Facebook that “it’s impossible to be upset about being so overwhelmingly busy when all the things competing for my time are so amazingly awesome.”  I didn’t go into details at the time—because I was just (More)
Happiness hit her like a train on the tracks....
Okay, I realize I hit it kind of hard in that last post.  I promise this one is much less self-analytical and grandiose.  It is, in fact, just a simple recounting of my day.  It's not even very detailed because I wrote it on a train.  So just in case (More)
Night is Day and Day is Night: Ramadan in Egypt
There are a lot of things that have building up in my brain lately that I realize I must write about, but have no way to find the words for it all.  I believe the best way to start is to talk about this month, which is considered the most important m (More)
Egypt and Its Las Vegas
This last week we all headed to Sharm As-Sheikh, the famous resort town, for a few days of vacation from classes.  I had heard stories of how this town was built around tourists and how it is quite different from other areas of Egypt, but all of thos (More)
The Value of Old and New
In Bordeaux, France, meeting a German student
Adaptation and Integration
It never ceases to amaze me how quickly we adapt to something new.  As much as my generation complains that people resist change, put any single person in a new environment and watch him not only survive, but thrive.  The first few days after I arriv (More)
Alexandria: Here at Last!
The following is from my journal during the first day in Alexandria: I lie here on my bed on my first full day in Alexandria. The very first thing I noticed flying in to this country was all the many buildings, crammed together into little towns and (More)
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