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The 10 Essential Apps Every Sooner Needs
Let’s face it, life can get pretty busy sometimes. Between juggling classes and joining student organizations, it can be tough to stay on track, find your way around campus or even find the time to enjoy lunch. Luckily, OU has created a few digital s (More)
Courses You Should Take, Regardless of Your Major
No matter what career path you have chosen, you're likely looking for courses that complement your field of study, as well as leave you with the most varied skills. Fortunately, the University of Oklahoma believes in both lower and upper-level genera (More)
Finals De-Stress Tips
As a college student, finding a balance between classes, work and a healthy lifestyle is not always easy to accomplish. It's normal to feel overwhelmed once in a while, especially in such a stressful time as is exams week. Here are some study tips (More)
The Essential List of Study Tips
It is that time of the year again--midterms. Look at how fast this semester is flying by! If this is your first round of college midterms or if you just haven't quite found your studying groove, we've compiled a list of study tips that will help you (More)
A Day Through Campus Dining
  The key to any productive day is fueling your body and mind with the essential nutrition. OU has an amazing variety of restaurants that are set to help students thrive during their busy days. From handy caffeine boosts to convenient lunches (More)
Tips and Tricks For Your OU Living Space
The wait is finally over, and you can start planning for your new college living space! Luckily, OU provides a pretty handy packing list  tha (More)
A Checklist to Prepare for Fall 2016
With little over a month left for Move-In, you probably feel like fall can't come soon enough. It's completely normal if you're that student learning anything and everything you can about OU and slowly packing up your room weeks in advance. The excit (More)
Getting the Hang of It With OU Hammockers
It’s midafternoon, you just grabbed lunch at Crossroads and now you need to find a place to be productive. You suddenly envy the luck (More)
Top Five Things Your Dietitian Wants You To Know
Top Five Things Your Dietitian Wants You To Know This month we are recognizing National Nutrition Month (More)
OU's Special Dietary Options
Vegetarian, vegan, halal, gluten-free – you’ve heard the terms and maybe identify with one of these diets. However, these terms are sometimes used incorrectly. Have you ever been confused when one of your friends says he or she practices one of these (More)
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