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Friday 5: Cinemagraphs
After a short hiatus, Friday 5 is back, and this week we're looking at my newest obsession...cinemagraphs. Relatively uncommon but gaining popularity, cinemagraphs combine both photos and video to give the impression of a moving image (think the < (More)
Sunday 7: 7 Photo Apps On My Phone Right Now
While I wasn\'t able to get to the Friday 5 on time, I lucked out on Sunday and Seven being an alliteration. So, better late than never, let\'s take a quick look at just a few of the photo-related apps on my iPhone right now. 1. Snapseed More)
Friday 5: What To Consider When Purchasing A Camera -VLOG!
Yea, that\'s right. A VLOG, as in video blog. It\'s my first ever so forgive the oddities that will inevitably be present.   Thanks, Mason More)
The Cutaway: Wait For It...
\"Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious.\" - Peter Ustinov I love taking a famous scene and turning it upside down. Props to More)
Friday 5: 5 Things You Should Know About Instagram
If you\'re anything like me, this past Thursday was pretty spectacular. Not only did we get a few seconds of new footage from Sta (More)
The Cutaway: Diegetic vs. Non-Diegetic Sound
\"If you listen to nature, all the sounds are done in a confident way. I\'m trying to do that.\" - Roscoe Mitchell When working on my o (More)
Behind The Scenes - Video Interviews
Our video team has recently begun working on \"Namesake\" video interviews. Drew, one of our team\'s videographers, was tasked with heading up the project. First things first: Gear. [caption id=\"attachment_3277\" align=\"aligncenter\" width=\" (More)
5 Considerations for Web Videos
You have a story to tell. You have compelling visual components. You want to attract prospective students. Guess what? You probably want a web video! If you don\'t have the resources to hire a firm to do this, you\'ll want to start on that learnin (More)
Final Cut Pro X
  Very few companies have introduced more truly revolutionary products than Apple.  The Mac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad have all completely changed their respect (More)

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