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SEO, Analytics, and Being Digitally Relevant
Hi fellow market-eers, On Wednesday, March 29, we welcomed Rob Stone to campus. Rob is the President/CEO of Marketing 2 Point 0 in Edmond, OK, and is an expert in field of all things SEO (search engine op (More)
When You Marry Your Job
Walking into the WebComm for my first day as the new Content Specialist kind of felt like getting married again. Starting a new job isn’t exactly on (More)
3 Takeaways from 'Nicely Said: Writing for the Web with Style and Purpose'
I stumbled upon “Nicely Said: Writing for the Web with Style and Purpose” when I needed it most. More)
Award Season: PRSA
Hello, Award Season! #TeamWebComm Monday Trivia will be replaced with awards we\'ve won as they start arriving at our office. This week, we are thrilled to receive Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) awards! More)
The Power of ‘Yes’ in Storytelling
A couple weeks ago, our web marketing team had one of those workdays that goes down in history as “the best day ever.” The team — Candace TimmonsMore)
How to Create Content Students Actually Pay Attention To
Hey, everybody! I\'m writing this post not from the WebComm office as I sit in front of my personal space heater ... More)
How to Have Fun With Your Digital Storytelling
Ever feel boxed in by your content management system? Your content doesn\'t look its best or you\'re constrained to a certain layout? I hear ya. Sometimes you just have to try something new. The great thing about online storytelling is the panoply (More)
5 Ways to Hate Headline Writing a Little Less
I meet very few people who actually enjoy writing headlines for their content. A writer shoulders a lot of pressure coming up with that headline — those handful of words that make the first impression and, a lot of times, determine whether a reader w (More)
8 Tips To Kick Your Web Writing Up A Notch
We\'ve got a bevy of experts here in OU\'s WebComm offi (More)
Writer's Block
What do you do when you get writer's block? Or maybe that should be more accurately described as "media producer's block". It's hard to produce fresh, interesting content every day, especially if things are slow around campus! Here are a few thing (More)
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