10 Easy Steps to #OUMoveIn15


We are excited to announce our all-new Move-In process for students living in the residence halls. OU has partnered with University and Student Services to provide a full-service Move-In experience that will make moving into your new home a breeze.


Step 1: Get your Sooner Card before your Move-In Day. If you are unable to get your Sooner Card before your Move-In Day, you will be able to get yours at the indoor Tennis Pavilion in the Lloyd Noble Center parking lot.


Step 2: Get some boxes and use the packing list to start packing up your car. Make sure there are no loose items in your car to make moving in even easier. Head to Norman. You’re about to be a Sooner!


Step 3: Check in at Lloyd Noble Center. We’ll be there to swipe your Sooner Card and give you a car hang tag with instructions. You won’t even have to get out of your car.


Step 4: Follow traffic directions to your residence hall. Sit back and relax while University and Student Services unloads your car and takes your things up to your new room.


Step 5: Once your car has been unloaded, you will be directed back to Lloyd Noble Center to park.


Step 6: Jump onto one of the free shuttles that will be running from the parking lot to the residence halls all day long.


Step 7: Get your keys to your room! You’ll need your hang tag to get your key; so, be sure to grab it out of your car.


Step 8: Unpack and start getting settled in.


Step 9: Take advantage of the resource fair located in the Walker Adams Mall.


Step 10: Hang out with your new roommate, meet your RA and hallmates and get ready to have the best year of your life.

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    • The Move-In Service will be available on August 10, 17 and 18. Early arrival students, including the Pride, will receive instructions specific to their Move-In from the individual groups that they are a part of regarding their Move-In Day and time.

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