Summer Self-Care Tips

School may be out, but summer isn’t always stress-free. A new season can bring on a whole set of issues, and you may find yourself struggling with health, a new routine, or even boredom. Here are a few tips for summer self-care, so you can make the most out of your time off.


Apply Sunscreen

This one probably seems obvious, but a lot of people either forget about sunscreen or make a conscious decision not to apply it. There’s a common misconception that applying sunscreen will ruin your chances of getting a tan. However, studies have shown that you can get a nice tan even with sunscreen on.



Stay Active

During the school year, you probably found yourself walking long distances just to get around campus. During the summer, it can be tempting to sit around, especially when it’s hot. Swimming, biking and hiking with friends are some fun ways to get moving.




Don’t Worry Too Much About A “Summer Body”

You may feel pressure to look a certain way during the summer, since you’ll be wearing shorts and swimsuits. Focus on how you feel, not how you look. Your health is way more important than your appearance!



Drink Plenty of Water

It’s incredibly important to stay hydrated during the hot summer months. While soda, lemonade and iced coffee are popular summer drinks, they may contain chemicals that actually dehydrate you. Be sure to include some water in your diet, even if it feels like you’re getting plenty of fluids from other sources.


Rinse Your Bathing Suit

If you plan on swimming this summer, be sure to rinse off after you swim. A pool’s chlorine can ruin the color and fabric of your swimsuit; meanwhile, lake water is filled with bacteria.


Use Bug Spray

While summer is the perfect time for outdoor activities, it’s also the perfect weather for a variety of undesirable pests. You’ll probably encounter ticks, wasps and mosquitos if you spend any time outdoors this season. To prevent their onslaught, use bug spray or wipes.



Take Advantage of All the Food That’s In Season

Many fruits and vegetables are best in the summer. Vegetables include bell peppers, zucchini, corn, okra and jalapeños. Fruits include blackberries, blueberries, grapes, cherries and cantaloupe. Pick some up at your local grocery store or farmer’s market.



Keep Busy

Though summer is relaxing, it can also be boring. Consider getting a summer job or internship, taking a few online classes to get your hours in or trying a new activity you wouldn’t ordinarily have time for.



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