Sooners Abroad

During Spring Break, MPGE Associate Professor Catalin Teodoriu visited Clausthal University of Technology (TUC) in Germany, where he had previously served head of Drilling Technology, Completion and Workover, to examine and celebrate three new petroleum engineering Ph.D.’s—two as advisor and the third as a committee member. The visit allowed Teodoriu to come full-circle with students who began their academic careers with him, and it provided opportunity to further strengthen ties between Clausthal’s program and MPGE. In addition to the Ph.D. defense examinations, Teodoriu served on several Master’s committees while visiting.

On March 15, while at Clausthal, Teodoriu ran into another Sooner, 2016 SPE International president Nathan Meehan, who was visiting the German section of SPE and TUC’s student chapter. Meehan gave a speech entitled, Encouraging the Future Oil Leaders, in which he stressed the importance of diversifying oneself, expanding your education, and best personal marketing practices to students perusing careers in the industry during the current downturn. Before leaving, he paused for a photo with Teodoriu to give a true Sooner salute and add proof that Sooners really are everywhere.

Picture2 Teodoriu and Meehan Picture1 Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 12.53.56 PM

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