OU SPE Top Fundraiser in OU Relay for Life

Relay for Life is an annual event organized by students at the University of Oklahoma in order to raise money for the American Cancer Society. For many years, Petroleum Engineering students have been involved in a variety of different capacities, ranging from members of the executive committee to event participants. At the nine-hour event, students dance, play games, socialize, and even build a 15-foot tall replica derrick if you’re a member of the OU SPE team. OU SPE members, alumni, and donors have consistently shown their financial support of our organization and the fight against cancer, helping us to be the top team fundraiser for the past several years. This year, OU SPE was able to raise $8,452, with Relay as a whole raising $201,049. Thank you for your continued support of OU SPE and the fight to end cancer!

IMG_2824First PlaceRelay 3Relay 2Relay

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