Romania 2016: Day 2

Today the students visited the welding lab at the university, and learned how the industry performs face-hardening processes and detects cracks in metal components. Romanian faculty, with the help of Dr. Teodoriu as translator, presented the different welding techniques used in their lab. They, also, demonstrated how to detect cracks in metal components by using ultraviolet light and a special set of spray paints with magnetic particles, and students learned how to use electromagnetic flux to analyze metal parts and gained familiarity with industry methods used to produce vital drilling equipment.

Teodoriu lectured about the different types of drill bits used in the industry and what advantages are associated with each type. This knowledge will help students in monitoring drilling operations during their careers because they will have a more thorough understanding of how the equipment works and what feedback to expect during the drilling process.

The day ended with Teodoriu taking the group for a drive through the hills surrounding Ploiesti where they saw the Petrom pump jacks looking out over the city. They enjoyed a beautiful sunset from the hills and all agreed that they were excited to see more of what Romania has to offer.

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