MPGE PhD Student Chosen as Guest Editor

The Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering has named Bin Yuan, a Ph.D. student studying under MPGE assistant professor Rouzbeh Moghanloo, to serve as guest editor of their special issue, Formation Damage During Enhanced Gas and Liquid Recovery. As guest editor, Yuan coordinates with scientists and engineers from across the U.S., Australia, China and the U.K. to successfully address the issue’s aims and bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and field practice when studying the wide spectrum of formation damage issues arising from enhanced recovery processes. Topics addressed in this special are modelling and simulation, laboratory experiments, field case studies, and new proposed technologies and methodologies related to formation damage during secondary and tertiary recovery process in both conventional and unconventional reservoirs. Seventeen articles have been grouped into six catagories:

  1. Formation damage issues arising during CO2 sequestration or gas flooding cases.
  2. Flow modelling, laboratory experiments and field cases related to fines migration.
  3. Formation damage evaluation, prevention and treatment during well stimulation and hydraulic fracturing processes.
  4. Formation damage evaluation, prevention and treatment during enhanced recovery processes
  5. Geomechanic and geochemical damage characterization.
  6. Nanotechnology deployments to mitigate formation damage.

The additional editors include: Paul Bedrikovetsky, University of Adelaide; Tianping Huang, Baker Hughes; Rouzbeh Moghanloo, OU; Caili Dai, China University of Petroleum; Ashwin Venkatraman, Shell; Baojiang Sun, China University of Petroleum; Dewers Thomas, Sandia National Laboratories; Lei Wang, Colorado School of Mines; David Wood, DWA Energy.

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