OU Showcases Research & Takes First Place

A team of OU students and faculty attended the 2017 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Tex., and showcased their current research project Virtual Reality Offshore Operations Training Infrastructure for Enhancing Expert Containment, Decision Making, and Risk Communications. This is a cross-disciplinary study that focuses on minimizing risk by identifying factors that contribute to it. As featured presenters, the team was allowed to submit a short video to highlight their research and the university. Videos were judged by a committee, and OU was awarded first place. Other competitors included the University of Texas at Austin, Penn State, Texas A&M and Tokyo University.

Members of OU’s research team include: Saeed Salehi (MPGE faculty, PI), Catalin Teodoriu (MPGE faculty), Ziho Kang (Industrial & Systems Engineering faculty) and Edward Cokely (Psychology faculty), and are sponsored by a grant from the National Academy of Science.

OTC is one of the largest conferences of this type with more than 75,000 industry professionals in attendance.


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