Drillbotics Team: Now Accepting Resumes


We are in the process of forming a team that is going to participate in the fourth drillbotics competition, which is organized by Drilling Systems Automation Technical Section (DSATS) of SPE, for more information visit drillbotics.com.  The team representing the University of Oklahoma will be consisting of five students (undergraduate seniors and graduate (MS) students).  During the competition, the students will design and build/upgrade a small-automated drilling rig (+/- 2 meters tall).  The competition has two phases.  In the first phase (9/1/17 to 12/22/17), the team will develop a detailed design of the rig; and in the second phase (01/15/18 to 06/15/18), the team will build the rig and demonstrate its functionality.  The second phase of the competition will be considered as the capstone project for the team members.  Appropriate course credit will be also given for participating in the design phase.

The winners of the competition will receive a grant for economy class transportation and accommodations to attend the next SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition and will present an SPE paper that will be added to the SPE archives of One Petro.

Additional teams may have an opportunity to present their work at the DSATS automation symposium preceding the conference, and may receive a grant for economy class transportation and accommodations.

We encourage anyone who is interested in participating in the competition to submit your resume by Monday, September 4, 2017 to Dr. Ahmed at R.Ahmed@ou.edu.


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