Dr. Teodoriu Appointed Visiting Professor at Cranfield University

Dr. Teodoriu has been appointed Visiting Professor of Cranfield University, with the approval of the Senate and on the recommendation of the Pro-VC School of Cranfield. The appointment is effective from 01/06/2017 and is for an initial period of one year, renewable annually.

Cranfield is an exclusively postgraduate university located at the heart of the UK, and a four-time winner of the prestigious Queen’s Anniversary Prize.

As a Visiting Professor of the University, Dr. Teodoriu will be accorded the normal privileges of a senior member of the academic staff when visiting Cranfield.  The appointment is assigned to the School of Water, Energy and Environment. Through this appointment, Dr. Teodoriu will work closely with the Oil and Gas Engineering Centre, which hosts the impressive Process Systems Engineering Laboratory, equipped with industrial-scale single phase and multiphase flow facilities to study complex flows. Dr. Teodoriu will engage with the newly launched MSc programme in Geothermal Engineering at Cranfield and play a key role in establishing a strategic transatlantic research cooperation in the ever-changing energy panorama.


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