It is about that time of the year when everything hits the fan and all the assignments that were “due next month” are now “due next class.” Things that seemed far off in the horizon are now coming up fast, all because you tricked yourself into thinking you had more time than you had, and put things off.  Internet trips to find research can take a sharp left detour, and one can easily fall into the familiar loop:

  • Check the social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), scroll mindlessly until you…
  • Click on a link that takes you to some silly/mildly interesting story, which leads you to…
  • Click on more links, until you end up on your favorite time-wasting site, which you get bored of until you realize you want to…
  • Check the social media sites, because something new might have appeared!

Or at least, that’s my perpetual distraction loop. It’s interrupted intermittently by, “hey what’s on TV?” or “my room sure looks messy…”

Anyway, I digress.

Procrastination is an insidious thing. It can rob you of peace of mind, sleep, and (unchecked) it can keep you from reaching your goals. But since it is so seductive and easy, so many (including myself) are entranced by its siren call, only to find yourself, hours later, realizing the Word Doc is still blank.

In order to counter the natural inclination to put things off, make sure to keep all the things you need to get done in front of you. Whether it be in a planner, a check list, a note on your electronic device of choice, or scribbled on your hand—make sure that you keep your obligations and assignments in the forefront. Also, minimize your distractions. Go to a study place where there aren’t people, television, messy rooms, or food to distract you. Turn off your phone, at least for a little while (let your parents know they can email you in case they really want to talk) and avoid time-wasting apps that are counterproductive. And as for your ever-present laptop, close out of all or your time wasting sites, maybe even turn off the internet (if you aren’t using it for your assignment, of course). If you feel really pressed, have a trusted friend change the password to your social media hubs, forcibly blocking you from returning those sites to procrastinate.

Do not let your work or peace of mind suffer just because you gave yourself 24-hours to complete a project that should’ve taken two weeks. Give yourself time. Let yourself rest. Get your stuff done.


-Chelsea Wynn, Class of 2015 Council



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