Sophomore year is coming to an end…which means graduation is that much closer! I can’t believe it has been almost two years since we first came to the University!

As we wrap up the semester and count down the days until summer, it seems like the weather gets nicer and nicer every day! It makes it so much more difficult to spend time inside studying or doing homework. But, it is important to remember that most classes are hinged on the final grade! Despite your performance throughout the semester, your final grade will determine how well you do in the class. I say this not to add more stress to your life, but as a word of encouragement and motivation! Here are some ideas that might help us FINISH STRONG our sophomore year:

  • Take frequent breaks! Create small milestones for yourself, and following the completion of that milestone take a break! Go outside, check Facebook, or do something else you enjoy. The key here is not to make your breaks longer than your study time.
  • Try to study with someone! This will create a since of accountability for the both of you. From personal experience, I have done best on the exams in which I have studied with someone else!
  • Don’t expect to study for a huge final a couple of days before. It only adds stress! Start early and do a little bit every day!
  • Utilize action tutoring!
  • Don’t cut out exercise from your busy schedule! It is important to exercise daily; it stimulates your brain and relieves stress.
  • It is OK to say NO! It seems like a lot organization’s host their events toward the end of the spring semester. Committing yourself to too many can cause stress and less time for studying. Remember it is OK to say NO!

Let’s ENJOY the rest of our sophomore year and FINISH STRONG

Avery Frix

Class of 2016 Council, Vice Chair

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