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A Little Bit of London in Norman

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I’m sure you’ve noticed, and probably agree, that OU has the coolest telephone booths. The distinctive red boxes are a campus favorite and we’ve all at least thought about going into the them to pretend to phone the Queen and ask her (in a British accent, of course) if she’d like a “spot of tea”.
The six phone booths were brought here by President David Boren not just for the beautification of our campus but for the convenience and safety of our students as well. The idea of the phone booths came from the President’s time spent in Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar.
We hope that these unique telephone boxes are serving another purpose, too. As the twelve athletes and the seven staff members with OU ties, who are currently in London, see the signature British phone booths, we hope they are warmly reminded of Norman and know that everyone back at home is supporting them and sending them positive thoughts.
Five Sooners are running, jumping and throwing in various Track and Field events. Brittany Borman (Javelin) and Tia Brooks (shot put) are representing the United States. Three Sooners are representing their native countries: Latoya Greaves (100-Hurdles) of Jamaica, Kerri-Ann Mitchell (100 meters) of Canada and Laverne Jones- Ferrette (100 & 200 meters) of the U.S. Virgin Islands.
Freestyle Wrestlers Sam Hazewinkel, competing in the 55kg, and Jared Frayer, in the 66 kg, are pinning down the competition for the United States.
Jonathan Horton, Jake Dalton and alternates, Chris Brooks, Steven Legendre and Alex Naddour, flipped their way to glory for the US Men’s Gymnastics team.
Helping athletes achieve their goals are the Sooner Olympic staff members: Brian Blutreich (Team USA-Track & Field Personal Coach), Dr. Robert Hines (Team USA-Wrestling Team Doctor), Michael Lightner (Team USA-Wrestling Personal Coach), Tom Meadows (Team USA-Men’s Gymnastics Assistant), Bo Overton (Team China-Women’s Basketball Assistant), Mark Williams (Team USA-Men’s Gymnastics Personal Coach) and Keith Williams (Team USA-Women’s Wrestling Assistant).
The OU Alumni Office is ecstatic about all the Sooners participating in the Olympics. Talk about Sooner domination!

Live on, University!

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  1. Hi Catl7141, I live (and was born) in London, and don’t mind telling you what a joy it was to see such a great photo of the traditional British red telephone box. Unfortunately, most of those ones have been phased out. There are sill some around but the majority have been replaced with “more modern” glass boxes. It’s nice to know they are still popular in other parts of the World. Great photo!

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